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A Call for Donations

The students from wedding need support for language improvement and subject specific tutoring!

Donation Account:

Organization: RAA-Berlin
Purpose for Donation: Förderunterricht Sprint
Bank Name: Dresdner Bank Berlin
Account: 0672143600
BLZ: 120 800 00
A receipt for your donation can be provided.

Educational Opportunities for Young Immigrants

medienhof wedding 3691 beimfoerderunterrichtFörderunterricht SPRINT is an organization dedicated to language development and educational advancement in Wedding, Berlin. The project is directed towards motivated students from immigrant backgrounds that want to improve their grades while enrolled in school years 5 through 12. SPRINT supports these children and youth in all school subjects and promotes proficiency in written and subject-specific language skills.

Tutoring and language support are free of cost for students. SPRINT Förderunterricht operates in 6 schools in critical areas of Wedding, Berlin and holds its central location in Medienhof-Wedding. 


Practical Experience for Teacher Trainees

Teacher trainees are able to independently teach and work with youth in small groups. In addition, they work together with teachers as subject and language assistants during normal class hours. Project participants accrue one DaZ-Baustein (German as a second language credit) per half school year. The goal is to facilitate practical classroom experience while earning a DaZ certificate.

The teachers-in-training receive 10 euros per class hour for their involvement. If desired, they can receive a certificate of participation from the organization that manages the project, RAA Berlin. Participation is recognized for practice credit in the Master’s degree study program at FU Berlin.


Materials for Teachers

Teachers have access to materials for German as a second language developed by teacher trainees in a variety of subjects. They are also welcome to partake in discussions related to the themes of integration and education.


Contributions with Meaning

Medienhof Wedding 3755Whether immigrant children and youth succeed in integrating through education is a deciding factor for the future of German society. SPRINT successfully works at the crossroads of integration, education and language advancement in critical areas in the community. An investment in this organization not only provides real help for young people but also improves the societal outlook. SPRINT primarily relies on grants and private contributions and is already in need of financial support for the coming fiscal year 2014.

Direct contributions in any amount are welcome at our page at Phineo AG, which following extensive review has awarded SPRINT recognition for effective and efficient use of donations in furthering our mission.


Online-Donation for this Project (Phineo Donation Website is only in German)

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